invests in modern laser projectors

With our new Panasonic RZ24 laser projectors, we rely on the reference device. 20,000 ANSI lumen light output and impressive optical features for large events. Particularly suitable for soft edge projections with several devices. invests in new sound systems

We always use the appropriate system elements for complex sound reinforcement tasks. Selected and calculated by complex software applications. New NEXO Digital Amplifiers; New NEXO P12, P8 and ID14 speakers; Expansion of existing NEXO M6 and M10 linear array speaker systems;

25 years of

For more than 25 years, has reliably delivered top quality for events.
Since we were founded in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen 25 years ago, we have developed into a company that operates throughout Europe. We produce your event with the right ingredients. develops a unique short-distance laser projection system for mobile use

Our short-distance projection system with motorized height adjustment enables mobile use of the Panasonic MZ880 laser projector with the Panasonic short-distance optics ET-ELU20. In low rooms or with columns in the room, this system can be used directly in front of the screen. Nobody "walks" through the beamer image, no "heads" are in the image. develops multifunctional sound control for efficient mobile use

Our fully equipped Yamaha QL1 sound control room ensures consistently high sound quality and efficient set-up times. invests six figures in sustainable transport solutions

well over 200 transport boxes were converted to a particularly light and sustainable model. Thanks to the weight savings of up to 60%, we can significantly reduce our Co² emissions. Instead of a non-recyclable wood/plastic/phenolic resin panel material from the Far East, we rely on pure and recyclable polypropylene and ABS recycling material from European production. invests in new PTZ camera systems

Modern, top-class camera systems for conferences and presentations.
Panasonic PTZ cameras AW-HE145KEJ and the Panasonic AW-RP150GJ camera control unit are now in our inventory. invests in new 4K display systems

New display systems NEC MultiSync® M491 and Iiyama Display Pro Lite LH6542UHS in stock at invests in a event design system

High-quality printed stage backgrounds, directly connected to our stages.
For perfect social media content of your event. Do you want your photos and films to remain relevant and attract attention in the long term? Use our solutions. invests in new camera systems

Impressive camera images are created with the Blackmagic Design Ursa Broadcast 2 and matching motor zoom film optics as well as the new rear camera operation. invests in new BOSE sound systems

The new BOSE L1PRO8 PA system has arrived. Perfect for the evening event with great sound and great looks. Available from us now.

Your streaming studio

We set up a streaming studio for your event in your company. Compatible for your individual needs as a presentation, in-house exhibition or conference. Professionally looked after by our specialists. We turn your online event into a real live experience.

Digital event professionally managed via streaming platform

You want a digital or hybrid event via a streaming platform such as Perform hopin professionally? We are the right partner for technical planning, preparation and implementation. Coaching of the digital participants in the secure hardware application. Controlling pre-recorded posts and professional feed at the right time. Configuration of the required network equipment and checking of the local conditions. Professional implementation of the digital event across platforms and with the necessary communication tools. Supervision of the live lectures and integration of hybrid studio recordings live.

Camera technology for live and streaming productions

We have the right camera technology for live events and live streaming. Automated 4K dome cameras and operated camera trains with servo-controlled optics.

For special applications AI controlled robotic cameras with autonomous speaker tracking.

Multimedia streaming workstation PCs

Multimedia streaming workstation PC system with up to 8 full HD streaming input channels and up to 8 4K streaming output channels.

Intel Core i9 9900K processor technology and fast input / output cards enable almost latency-free productions in real time with several simultaneous channels.

Green screen for hybrid events

Using one of our green screens, we can produce professional studio recordings with various digital backgrounds in front of a lively studio atmosphere.

Thanks to the special frame system, camera images of individuals or a panel can be produced.

Interview partner live with top sound quality

Modern multimedia laptop with office and video software combined with a USB interface with Phantom Power XLR. Including high quality DPA miniature headset microphone and high quality headphones. The setup is sent to the interview partners and they are trained to use it safely. Our goal, the best recording quality as a prerequisite for high quality transmission.


Cyberspace Representation Coach

For your speakers, we take on the coaching for an optimal setting of the hardware and software devices in the home office.

The transmission situation will be tested in good time before the event. We give recommendations on the light and space situation. For the best transmission results and a convincing appearance from the home office. As an option, we are happy to offer the speakers our home studio solutions, which are optimized for digital conferencing. For even better picture quality and good sound.

Cyberspace Network Control Manager

Events with digital content are a success with our specialist staff. Conception and monitoring of complex network structures; Programming of IT system architecture; Live Streaming Coordinator;


Live streaming event webcast platform


With our tvt live streaming event webcast platform, we bring your event to the Internet. Test activation for the participants before the event. Streaming of the event with password protection or personalized registration. Integration of camera images, presentations, high-quality microphones and videos. Multilingual streaming if required.

Participants can inquire online. Live display of the questions for the speakers. The questions can be pre-sorted at an editorial workstation. Interaction options via online voting. Evaluation tool for number, origin, length of stay and device usage of the participants.

After the event, recordings can be made available directly on the platform. German server location with high capacity.

Summer stage Volkstheater Munich has equipped the Volkstheater in Munich with the stage technology and whisper-quiet outdoor lighting technology for summer production in the inner courtyard. Especially the weather protection systems developed by for the new JB P12 HCRI moving lights have proven themselves through their quiet appearance.


Orangeyourcity lighting Olympic ski jump Garmisch-Partenkirchen

On the occasion of the Orangeyourcity action day, we were commissioned to bathe the Olympic ski jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in colored light. We implemented this with climate-friendly LED outdoor spotlights.

AI camera system

AI controlled camera system for automatic tracking of a speaker on stage.

Integrated control camera with extensive setting options. Moving image areas that impair the control can be hidden in the algorithm.


Automatic fallback position with a stage total pre-programmable. Pan / Tilt controlled presets can also be created using the software.


Temporary structures


If you temporarily need more space for production or storage, we offer individual systems for longer downtimes. We plan and install the necessary equipment. Our tent systems are ideal for seasonal sales, the expansion of a canteen or required test setups. The tents also offer protection from the elements on construction sites. We have different floor systems and also insulating facades for the right use.

Mobile disinfectant dispenser

In the next few years, the topic of hygiene will have a high priority at events. With our easy-to-transport disinfectant dispenser, we offer our customers a tailor-made solution. Filled with hand disinfectant, it can be positioned in the entrance area, at the counter or at the buffet of an event.


Live streaming, live broadcasting and camera technology

With our innovative technology, we can stream events live inexpensively. We are well prepared with our live cameras and broadcast technology. We can connect speakers from your office directly to an event via portals such as Skype®. We also have the right solutions to broadcast presentations live. invests in good light

Headlights are not always headlights. Because we put top politicians, board members, theater and television productions and industry-leading products in the right light for events, we have invested in innovative LED headlight systems. A large number of JB P12 HCRI moving lights with focus on the best color rendering when illuminating people is available. In addition, LUPO Dayled 2000 Dual Color rod-operated and color-correctable LED step lenses with excellent light values.


New PA technology

For our sound reinforcement solutions, we have invested in new digital network-compatible amplifiers. The latest NEXO amplifier series is now in use at our events.


Lectern barrier-free

Our new lectern, made exclusively for us by the lectern manufacturer, is motor-adjustable in height. In the front either an exchangeable and individually printed forex plate or a digital monitor. The highlight is the large setting range of the lectern height. It is suitable for speakers of 2m as well as for wheelchair users. This means that wheelchair users can take their place on stage on an equal footing and do not have to sit at a small table next to the lectern.


New clear stage roof

Our new stage roof 7m x 5m for exclusive events.

Stage roof with a great look thanks to clear tarpaulins for events such as classical concerts, opening celebrations or city festivals. Including stage platforms 6m x 4m, 40-60cm high.

The stage roof can optionally be expanded with side wings.

The stage roof is suitable for the assembly of an LED screen due to the statics.


Presenter for events

With the new Micro Cue V3 series we rely on a presenter for events with fail-safe network functions. Up to 6 receivers can be cascaded. As a result, reception problems due to radio wave interference are a thing of the past.


Lectern microphones

For best sound quality, we have invested in new ME36 lectern microphones from the German manufacturer Sennheiser. The microphones are of high quality that you can hear immediately.


AXIS surveillance camera technology

We are Synology certified partners for surveillance centers.Together with Axis camera systems, we have the best solution for events and installations. With the newly acquired surveillance camera technology, multifunctional and network-compatible, we are expanding our repertoire of solutions for event security.


New light furniture

With our new table and seating solution Cubix, beautiful lounge areas can be designed. The inside of the cubes is illuminated with adjustable colors and equipped with a battery. Once charged, the battery capacity is sufficient for an entire event.

Stock of trusses expanded

A total of over 100 new truss components expand our large range of aluminum trusses. We can use it to build a wide variety of constructions for events and public infrastructure. Women us. We build the solution!


Room separation made easy

With our brand new Global Truss curtain system, we can efficiently set up room partitions, curtain systems and room decorations.

Variable in height and post spacing an ideal system for different fabrics.


ADAC General Meeting

For an extraordinary general meeting, the ADAC invited its guests to their Munich headquarters. Besides staging, sound and lighting, was commissioned with the production and transmission of the TV signal. The signal was sent to broadcasters on site, simultaneously there was a live stream, plus the event was broadcast in the press area. Our LED wall proved once again that it is not only ideal for "moving pictures", but also for presentations in excellent quality and brightness. This allowed us to transmit images in a by far higher contrast than it would  be possible with elaborate projection solutions.

The LED screen adds to our broad range of high-quality sound, lighting and video technology with our approved high quality.


The 100th anniversary of the Bavarian Ski Association:

At the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the Bavarian Ski Association invited over 1,000 guests to the Eisbachstudios to Munich. We provided our lighting, sound and projection equipment to enable a great gala evening. A projection in HD for presentations, movies and live images, combined  with our video direction, enabled informative recordings and entertaining moments. With over 100 spotlights, the room was full of many beautiful lighting effects.


FC Bayern Basketball:

At the start of the season, we were ordered to develop a special solution for the presentation of a sponsor partner of the FC Bayern Basketball team. Our planning department designed a LED cube with five indiviual screens on its five sides. This cube could be rolled from the storage onto the center of the playing field of the Audi Dome in only 15 seconds. Right at the beginning of the half-time, the guests were able to experience a presentation of the new jerseys. The entire development and production took only 10 days and was carried out in our shops.


20 years of Timber forum:

For the anniversary event, we were asked to film a stage show in Full HD and broadcast it live to several rooms and a tent. Using our new glass fiber transmission technology, we can transmit live images over long distances lossless and in best quality.


Digital transmission technology with glass fiber cable:

For the lossless transmission of video, audio and control signals, we have invested in a sturdy optical multicore system.  This allows us to transmit multiple signals simultaneously via one single cable over distances of several hundred meters. Using the latest technology, the signal can be converted into any required output format.


Youth Culture Days:

We are especially happy to support cultural youth work. We provided modern wireless microphone technology and equipment for video projections at the Youth Culture Festival in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We are glad that the team of the Youth Culture Days sucessfully carried out an exciting theater production with numerous young people.


Press distribution:

For our press events, we have invested in modern splitter technology for up to 20 press connections. A Press Patch Box is a special kind of audio signal distributor which is developed for the specific requirements at press conferences. It features separate inputs for microphone or line signal (mixer output).


BMW Driving Academy

For a corporate event, we equipped the BMW Drivings Academy’s event hall with plenty of technology, stage construction and furniture. Our good project- and time management allows large constructions in line with site-specific time frames.


Andreas Gabalier Open Air Seefeld

With fantastic weather, a sold-out open-air concert with Andreas Gabalier, Beatrice Egli and other stars took place in Seefeld. For this event,  has provided the sound system, the lighting system and the open air stage for many thousands of fans. The NEXO sound technology that we used convinced both artists and guests with its clear and present soundstage equally.


G20 & G8 Youth Forum

The international conference G20 & G8 Youth Forum is one of the largest international conferences for young politicians and executives. Our tasks included extensive event technology, media- and camera technology as well as live streaming. Live images were streamed by our technicians via Webcast. Interested viewers from all over the world were able to follow the event live and participate in discussions about social media.


BMW plant press event

On the occasion of a press invitation at the BMW plant in Munich, we could provide for a visually appealing presentation with our event technology and our booth system tvt-tex. The booth system works perfect as a  press presentation wall and for the implementation of individual booths. The system is resource-efficient and offers you enormous cost synergies. We used a current Full HD projector from our assortment for the presentation of the videos.

Steinway Lounge

On the 150th birthday of composer Richard Strauss we installed illuminated columns Leuchtstehlen? with our exclusive tvt-tex booth system. Appropriate to wonderful piano sounds, the Steinway Lounge has received a comfortable and pleasant lighting ambience. Illuminated columns in warm colours serve both as room lightings and as backlit posters. investing in modern LED wall

Our modern LED wall has a particularly high resolution and its modular design has a wide application range. It can be used as a video wall in sunlight, at trade shows, sporting events, for bradcasts in a brightly lit room, on stands and as a creative tool at concerts. Thanks to the fanless design and waterproof construction we can use the system both in noise-sensitive environments and outdoors in any weather.


New HD camera systems at

We were the first customers to obtain the new camera producition units by Blackmagic Design. These Systems work especially good at events  for live images and recordings. Equipped with different lenses, available in Full HD resolution or in groundbreaking 4K resolution, these systems are outstanding performers. Equipped with our accessories, the system offers all options to produce high quality images.


Specialist conference for exhaust gas sensors

We equipped the event with event- and interpreting technology. Our current rental equipment consists of the best product lines by leading manufacturers. We invest a lot of money into high-quality technical equipment, and you benefit from the high quality of the sound, the lighting or the projections. Meetings in hotels and conference rooms are equipped efficiently, consistently with systems optimized for your demands.


Soccer World Championship 2014

Our high resolution video wall system was used for several public viewing events. A high luminosity, even in direct sunlight, and very good image contrast turns TV in HD into a great football experience. Sporting events, exhibition stands (booths) and conferences in all lighting conditions can be equipped with a LED wall.


Grand MA 2 Lighting control boards

For complex light shows, we invested in new lighting consoles by the German manufacturer MA Lighting. The Grand MA Series 2 offers many opportunities to realize an effective and efficient lighting design at your event. invests in Shure UHF R microfone series

For the best sound results on events we have significantly expanded our inventory of Shure UHF R Series wireless microphone systems. In particular, when used with lavalier microphones and headsets, their high quality becomes apparent. Again, we consistently go for the best equipment available on the market.


New Full HD projectors at

At corporate events, high image quality is especially required. Large presentations in high resolution require top class projectors. With the purchase of bright Christie LHD700 projectors in full HD resolution, we can offer our customers the most efficient units on the market. invests in web streaming technology

With this technology, your event can be streamed live on the internet. In that way, you can get in contact with your guests, customers and business partners all over the world. A person that is not present at the event can still take part in presentations and conferences. Our specialists will be happy to give advise and offer you the matching solution for your event. introduces new booth system

Our tvt-tex booth system is a customized solution for trade show booths and offers a wide range of use. The booth system works perfect as a  press wall and for the implementation of individual booths. High quality prints with backlight catch the viewer’s eye. This is what counts when it comes to presentations. With our exclusive tvt-tex booth system illuminated columns can be set up perfectly. The system is resource-efficient and offers you enormous cost synergies.



Ski jumping: “4 Schanzen Tournee“, “Neujahrsskispringen“

As we are often providing services in the field of event technology and event management in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, we always welcome jobs that are related to winter sports. Our department for video technology equips the “New Year’s ski jumping event” with High Definition screens for a television broadcast. In the VIP tent, as well as in the athletes- and in the organisiational areas, the action can be well followed on our bright industrial displays.


General Electric

At the occasion of a company presentation, we were commissioned with the technical equipment of the event by General Electric. A sound system with high quality headsets, the most modern interpreters’ technology, including an interpreter’s booth, and the latest projectors and displays in HD resolution were delivered and set up from our warehouse. Our technicians have capably supervised the event.


BMW Biker Meeting Garmisch-Partenkirchen

For the last 11 years, we have supported the BMW motorcycle company as the main contractor for both the delivery of event technology and electrical power supply on this outstanding event. Based on our technical planning, we were able to carry out the event in the accustomed high quality. Our qualified technicians and our constantly updated event equipment from our large rental stock are the main reasons for making this possible.


Musical Meets Movie charity concert

On the occasion of the Musical Gala "Musical Meets Movie", which  the tvt-event company has technically equipped and cared for, we are pleased to participate in this charity event. donates 800 EUR to the Ambulance Association for a charitable purpose.


ERGO Group

At the occasion of a corporate event we were entrusted by Alpine International to deliver a tent with furniture and technical equipment. Thanks to our wide offer, events can be arranged on an individual basis. On occasions like this, we have repeatedly shown our great sense for appropriate combinations and good taste.


OpeningLippert hairdressers L1”

At the opening ceremony of the famous hairdresser “Lippert”, provides event technology in Munich. A colorful show, hosted by Verona Pooth, awaited the guests. The restaurant “Rilano 6” in the Lenbachpalais was illuminated in the most beautiful colours for the party in the evening. We deliver fat sound, media technology, media lighting and of course a smooth mounting and dismounting process. This is what we do, that’s our area of expertise.


Cinema on the mountain “Wank”

It was a real challenge to set up a big screen on a mountaintop.  In difficult terrain the big screen had to be anchored safely, a high-quality sound system for realistic cinema sound as well as a bright  projector were built up. We mastered the task! The great number of spectators as well as the ideal weather conditions on this outstanding cinematic event were a nice compensation for our great efforts.


Gala concertRotary Club” was responsible for the lighting engineering, the design of the lighting and the sound system for the Gala concert in the Passion Play Theatre of Oberammergau. The excellent microphonic sound quality through  our sensitively adjusted sound system was particularly prasised. For this occasion, we used high quality NEXO sound technology with digital mixing technology, combined with software-bound PA planning.


Ski jumping: “4 Schanzen Tournee“

For the “4 Jumps Tournament”, we equip the town Oberstdorf with a VIP tent made out of glass. Thanks to our our façade technology there are no cold drafts in the tent. The Guests experience a magnificent view and atmospheric lighting with innovative LED technology during the evening events. provides a full solution for the winter events in Oberstdorf.


ICD Welcome Party, ICD annual meeting

For the layout of the event was the complete light, sound and viedo equipment provided by With our first-class technical equipment we once again could fulfill the high internationalquality expectations. The event was for the guests at the BMW Museum an unforgettable experience.


Antony & Cleopatra in Oberammergau

Christian Stückl staged the brilliant mass spectacle “Antony & Cleopatra“ in the Oberammergau Passion Play Theater. As last year already was assigned with setting up the lighting equipment. Furthermore were our lighting technicians responsible for the show programming and support. A performance one could see.


10 years of “ebase“

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Munich finance service provider “ebase“, bedighted the celebration with event equipment. A professional press stage with black wall, extensive video, soud and lighting as well as a laser show on Germany‘s highest mountain as grand final astonished the guests.‘s birthday! celebrates its 15th anniversary. We invite you cordially to our operational building for a cozy get-together.

July 24th 10:00-19:00 o‘clock
July 25th 10:00- open end, we grill!
July 26th 10:00-19:00 o‘clock
July 27th 10:00-19:00 o‘clock

Please let us know if you are coming. invests in lighting equipment

Shortly after the extradition we were able to receive the new JB LED A8. In addition, we have invested in MARTIN MAC 101 LED lights. With these bright and innovative LED lights, we are well prepared for many illumination and lighting operations.


Richard Strauss Festival

Since many years, has been commissioned for the technical planning and execution of the Richard Strauss Festival. Again this year we were able to visible demonstrate our technical expertise impressively. To the first-class sold-out Alpine Symphony concert lit our stage design atmospheric scenes.


We have moved!

We have moved into our new building. Warehouse and offices are based together at the new location. A workshop for our special design stage-technology allows extensive work. We have now not only more space available, we also have improved our transportation connections.


Golden Flight Level 2012

In February, about 600 air traffic controllers from all over Europe met for a week-long winter sports event. As an event-equipment supplier in Garmisch-Partenkirchen was responsible for the sound at the ski races. Further, we delivered creative event technics for the theme parties in the convention center. All venues and technical operations were coordinated by our production manager.


Product presentation; DZ-Bank equipped a product presentation of the DZ-Bank in the Meistersingerhalle in Nuremberg with the complete lighting, sound and video equipment. For the 1000 visitors, the foyer was staged with lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere. Special attention was paid in the hall on a high-quality sound system and on the big and bright projection.


We have moved!

Now it is finally done, our new commercial building is ready for operation. This allowed us to initially move the storage and now our office to the new location. We have now not only more space available, we also have improved our transport connections. In the new building have of course not only paid attention to using as little energy as possible in the future but also in terms of expansion was the course set for the future.


Individual stages – tvt-stage-system

With the tvt-stage-system are we able to offer individual stage projects and wall-systems. A high-quality appearance and a variety of design options characterizes the system. For product and roadshows can unique synergies be achieved which conserve the budget.


Convention Bausch + Lomb received the order to equip and supervise the conference of a big pharmaceutical company. In particular, were we able to inspire our customers with the tvt-stage-system of our high quality standard. Our highly qualified staff attended to ensure a smooth conference process.


Investment in modern presentation equipment

Especially for film productions are good color contrasts necessary. Great presentations require high-resolution projectors at its best. With the acquisition of high-intensity Panasonic PT DS110XE projectors, can we offer our customers the best devices on the market.


Best of Events 2011

A great success was the booth of at this year’s Best of Events in Dortmund. A numerous audience was introduced to our new tvt-stage-system. Together with other innovative products could we offer our customers a rich portfolio of technical services.


Ferrari presentation on the Zugspitze

On the occasion of a automotive presentation with Fernando Alonso was the technical planning and equipping of the event assigned to On 2.600 m a.s.l. was the presentation of the new Ferrari in snow set impressively in scene. The subsequent evening event was put into a festive atmosphere by our design lights.


Steelcase Conference Cologne

Parallel to the ORGATEC in Cologne did the world leading manufacturer of office furniture invite to the Steelcase Conference. The conference on a ship in the Rhine could be witnessed live on the Internet. took over the technical planing of the event as well as the accounterments of audio, conference and projection equipment. at the Best of Events fair will once again attend the leading industry trade show Best of Events with their own stand. We look forward to welcomming you at our stand from January 19th-20th 2011. You will find us in hall 3, stand C 10.


BMW Group Award

The BMW Group Award for Intercultural commitment was conferred for the first time in November 2010. At the ceremonial evening event at the BMW Museum was assigned to technical planing, administration, equipment and appliances. The innovative projection and the sophisticated stage construction enthused our clients.


Passion Play Oberammergau 2010 equipped the opening night party and the state reception with a VIP tent and audio-visual equipment. As a production company was responsible for the planing as well as the complete equipping and execution of the event. Numerous guests from the fields of politics and society could assure themselves of our performances.


HARLEY GLUEHN at the Kreut Alm

By the revival of the legendary Harley Davidson meeting did - as in 1999 at the last party - getting assigned with the technical planing, the coordination of the artists as well as the realization of the 4-day event. Guests, bands and contractor were unexceptional enthused by the professional execution and the outstanding sound. The new speakers and system amps from NEXO came into operation.


Richard Strauss Festival 2010

Since 5 years has been responsible for the technical planing and execution of the Richard Strauss Festival. As an event technology service provider have we supplied the festival in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with modern lightning engineering and an innovative stage construction. And overwhelming applause bears witness to the high musical accomplishment and an impressive stage setting.


International Congress Belfort/F

On the occasion of the world climat summit did General Electric assign with a conference in Belfort/F. Our services on the evet enclosed technical and logistic planing, as well as the complete interior such as lights, audio, media equipment, furnishing and the exhibition construction. GE and AER(Assembly of European Regions) trusted in the years of experience from in planing and executing complex events. The event was a complete success.


Environmentally friendly technologies at 

On our stage systems are we from now on using premium industrial carpet tiles from Interfloor. These tiles can be cleaned and will be used over and over again. A high enviromental impact of waste by using disposable carpets is being avoided. invests in new lighting equipment

The new halogen headlamp ARRI T1 with enhanced optical characteristics is moving into our inventory. With a special silver gray lacquering are they joining the event and provide the right light without attracting attention. invests in new public address systems (PA)

Already short after the introduction of the new PA systems from NEXO did receive the first delivery of PS15 R2 and RS15 PA systems. The PA systems are being completed by the new NEXO 4x4 system amplifier. Current PA solutions provide the right sound at our firm. introduces a new LED lamp

We have developed this lamp for the universal use. Signal- and power in- and outputs combined with POWER DMX system cables insures an inconspicuous and fast wiring. The TVT-LED V2 does not only seem good, it also looks good! A power-coated body with an adequate power coated base-plate underlines our high demands.


“tvt-stretch” offers new ways of decorating

The new “Tvt-stretch” fabric system decorates rooms in a modern design. This highly flexible material offers a wide range of design options plus excellent projection qualities. Video projections and coloured light create enchanting atmospheres.


The choice on multimedia technology has been expanded

Tvt-event has invested in the latest sound – and media technology. Modern high-class sound systems by NEXO will provide the right sound for your event. With versatile Beamers like the  Sanyo XP 100 we own a professional tool for modern projection tasks, as for conferences or presentations. The Panasonic PTDW 10000 E projector with real HDTV resolution will satisfy the highest demands for HDTV projections. 


Media technology planning for a luxury hotel

Tvt event has equipped the new, exclusive 5 stars hotel Maximilians with modern media technology. Meetings and conferences can now take place in a multifunctional conference room with videoconference system, 65 inch HD plasma display, modern sound system and separate laptop-docking stations. This high-end equipment allows using the room as a movie-theatre as well. All the technology is remote controlled.


Successful presentation of the German national football team on Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze

 On the occasion of the European football championship, the German national football team was introduced live on Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze. The DFB (German football association) trusted in the long year experience of tvt-event with performances on the Zugspitze, 2962 meters above sea-level. For example, tons of material for the technical equipment and an individually manufactured stage had to be brought to the top by cablecars. Millions of viewers were watching this event live on TV.


Individual lounge area for MSE Solutions in Alta Badia / Italy

tvt event , together with Kino café Entertainment furnished a theme-related lounge-area for a corporate function of the  MSE Solutions corporation in the Fanes hotel in South Tyrol. The lounge design conceived with individual room proportioning using modular components and an extensive decoration. For example, LED spots created cosy, varying light atmospheres.


Room and lights design for a presentation in Munich’s new event location

Together with Lufthansa Partyservice, Tvt-event managed a high class event in the recently opened museum of the Munich Traffic Association (MVG). The museum was transformed into a varied lounge area for about 1000 employees of the Accenture management consultancy. The room- and light design which fascinated the guests was exclusively developed by tvt event. Amongst other things, tvt-flex design lights, a modular illuminated tvt-bar, a water screen plus a wide range of illumination technology was used.


TVT Event