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“The special thing about is the combination of event planning and technical supplier.

We combine professional advice and planning with detailed technological knowledge - a way of working that becomes increasingly important for the organization of events.

Numerous leading companies, contracting authorities and event agencies are our customers and value our technical expertise


Dipl.-Ing. Mark Gerum, Executive director




Softedge Projections

Frameless screen systems with high-quality projection foils for the best image results. We use special projection foils instead of simple fabric screens. This creates brilliant projection images.

Extra-wide projection surfaces for double or multiple projection with multiple laser projectors.

Integration of the screens directly into our exhibition wall system. Modern stage design with integration of digital content.



Event Design

High-quality printed stage backgrounds, directly connected to our stages.For perfect social media content of your event. Do you want your photos and films to remain relevant and attract attention in the long term? Use our solutions.

 invests in modern laser projectors invests in modern laser projectors

With our new Panasonic RZ24 laser projectors, we rely on the reference device. 20,000 ANSI lumen light output and impressive optical features for large events. Particularly suitable for soft edge projections with several devices.

Display of the PowerPoint presenter view

Presentation direction for multiple screens or soft edge projections. Multiple individual digital outputs for projector and preview signals.

Equipped with multimedia PC systems for media and presentation playback from the technical control room.

Display of the PowerPoint presenter view on stage preview monitors for the speakers. Optional display of notes is made possible by multimedia PCs with multiple digital outputs.

Modern event equipement for large congress events and business events:


Events in your company with our event equipement and and planning performance:


Cultural events with our event equipement and and planning performance:

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